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International Travel Planning at Your Service


Travel on your terms.

 Seize control of your travel experience and customize it to your liking. Lets take the control of the destination, timing, and budget of your trip, free from the constraints of someone else’s schedule.

I will tailor-make your travel experience to match your preferences, understanding the importance of ensuring that your travel expenses align with your priorities and predilections. I will carefully curate your itinerary, and you will be able to make well-informed choices.

The benefit of a single piece

  • Personalized Itinerary: A tailor-made travel planner takes into consideration your preferences, interests, and travel goals.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: By optimizing your travel schedule and finding the best deals, a travel planner saves you time and money during the trip planning process.
  • Local Expertise: With their knowledge of the destination, a travel planner can provide insider tips, recommend hidden gems, and enhance your overall travel experience.
  • Stress Reduction: Outsourcing the planning process to a travel planner eliminates the stress of organizing logistics, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip.
  • Support and Assistance: A travel planner offers support and assistance throughout your journey, ensuring a smooth travel experience and helping with any unforeseen issues.

Le Marche-Italy's best kept secret

Once you find yourself in Europe, there is a hidden gem that simply cannot be missed: Le Marche, Italy’s best-kept secret. This enchanting region offers a captivating blend of natural beauty, rich history, and cultural treasures. From picturesque hilltop towns and rolling vineyards to pristine beaches along the Adriatic Sea, Le Marche boasts diverse landscapes that will leave you in awe. Its historical centers are adorned with stunning architecture, charming piazzas, and intricate churches, while its cuisine tantalizes the taste buds with delectable dishes and exquisite wines. Whether you seek adventure in the mountains, relaxation on the coast, or immersion in centuries-old traditions, Le Marche promises an unforgettable journey.

If you are seeking an authentic immersion in Italy, look no further than here!


Services cost

Free general brief with a 30-minute video call.

We begin with a base price of 100£ euros. From there onwards, the cost will be determined by a percentage based on factors such as the number of days, number of people, services, etc. *

*Percentage, ranging from 10% to 15% of the total value of the services I assist you. The commission percentage decreases as the value of the services increases.

What I don't do

As a tailored-travel consultant, my role does not involve being a tourist guide or selling travel packages. I do not pay for bookings for transfers, flights, or other services. Instead, I focus on providing personalized recommendations based on your specific requests and preferences. It will be your responsibility to directly  pay for all the services. (Exceptions are considered.)


How does it works

  1. Complete the form at the bottom of this page or send me an email 

  2. A video call will be conducted to gather all the necessary details and data.

  3. Make a deposit to secure your trip.

  4. I’ll start researching and planning the best routes, travel times, and transportation options for you.

  5. Once your tailor-made trip is fully finalized, you will be required to make the full payment.

  6. Upon receipt of the payment, you will receive a comprehensive PDF document containing all the details of your trip. This file will be your comprehensive guide, ensuring a smooth and well-prepared travel experience.

  7. Throughout your trip, I will provide virtual support and guidance. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or require assistance. I am here to help you create the perfect travel experience


Betsy Buenahora

I am a Venezuelan born in Colombia, which has given me the opportunity to grow between two similar yet distinct worlds. I strongly believe that each person is a unique world with individual needs and tastes. That's why, when it comes to creating a trip, I see it as crafting an embroidered bag. It requires special touches, a vibrant color palette, and each stitch must be one-of-a-kind. This is the inspiration behind the name of my venture: Wayu. It pays homage to the Colombian-Venezuelan indigenous tribe renowned for their expertise in the art of weaving and crafting beautiful backpacks. Background: I hold a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Tourism, and I have also obtained a second degree in Pastoral Theology. Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to live in various cities in the United States and explore different cultures. My passion for travel has taken me to numerous countries across Latin America, Europe, and Africa. I currently call Italy home, residing in the captivating region of Le Marche a hidden gem, often considered the best-kept secret, offering a truly authentic and immersive experience for travelers. It is a privilege for me to be in this extraordinary location, as it provides me with endless inspiration and the opportunity to utilize my expertise in curating unforgettable journeys for my clients.

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